Mini Roller for Patching Walls


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Instructions for Use: Start by wiping the wall with a paper towel or cloth to eliminate dust, oil stains, and loose debris. Then, open the bottle cap, dispense the latex paint, and roll it onto the wall. If the coverage isn’t perfect, wait for 5 minutes and apply additional coats as needed for a flawless finish. (The brush head is removable for easy cleaning after use, ready for the next application).

Introducing a cutting-edge roller brush designed with care, combining the functionality of a roller brush and paint in one. It effortlessly caters to various beautification needs in daily life. Convenient for small area touch-ups, it eliminates the need for complex mixing procedures, minimizing splatter. (For walls aged 1-2 years, we recommend white; for walls over 2 years old, ivory white is recommended.)

Exceptional Coverage: This Wall Repair Cream swiftly tackles wall imperfections, ads, dirty shoe prints, and playful children’s graffiti. With a gentle stroke, walls are left immaculate, with no trace of paint.

Crafted from water-based, environmentally friendly material, this product is odorless, free from harmful substances, and poses no threat to the user’s health. Safe for children, it allows them to doodle and play without concerns. Drying in just 10 minutes, any accidental hand application can be easily washed off with water.

The compact and lightweight two-in-one design of this roller brush sets it apart from traditional brushes. It easily fits into pockets, making it convenient for quick touch-ups without wasting precious time. Ideal for DIY wall designs, it comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to unleash your creativity effortlessly.

With its thoughtful two-in-one design, adherence to international concealed wall standards, and ease of use, this roller brush effectively removes stains, shoe prints, and children’s graffiti, leaving your walls spotless. Suitable for use by women and the elderly, it requires no special skills to achieve professional-looking results.


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